Halloween Run October 2021

Halloween Run, Saturday 30th October 2021, held at the track. The weather was deemed to be a disaster but after a little light drizzle early, by 11am it was sunshine, but still a cold wind; so all was well with the world and the day turned out very well. Thanks to everyone who attended. It was a day to remember, and we will add to our running days next year. Traction Engines; Locomotives; Trains; Boats & planes, and rather large traction engines.

Little & Large; Is it a flying saucer perhaps, although it could be Chris H’s Model; Busy, Busy; The Marham Monster with a decent load;

Ken W and Scary, Scary!

The Wicked Warlock!

Guin E with Grandma and Barry; Stuart F and his Halloween delight; Ralph R. Lovely Boat!; Supper time and lovely Fish & Chips; A selection of the superb cakes; Supper time!; Halloween!

Mike L with Norman’s loco and another full load.

Family Running Day September 2021

As I hope you are all aware, Saturdays is deemed a play day and to this end, we are hoping that members will come up and play. Two years is a long time and I know that getting back into looking after a steam engine, is you never forget, but remembering the small secrets is very hard, and keeping the water at the correct level and the steam pressure just right for hauling is a very fine line, so the more you practise the easier it becomes. We have had two Running days 25th July and 24th September and they were very well attended, but the playday Saturdays is generally only the workers who also play on Saturdays; so come on members we are there on Saturdays to play, so come and play. Our scheduled running day on Saturday 30th October 2021 ‘Our Halloween Night’ Run, was well attended and was a great success running in the dark. We had tea and coffee all day, and a fish and chip supper at 5pm, then some Halloween cakes and we were ready to run in the dark. Awesome! A couple of pictures from each Saturday.

Dave M drone plus bird; Geoff E and Stuart F; Ken W on club loco; Mick W and Ken W; Steve H W on Ken W loco; Geoff B on Geoff E loco.

Gary H ‘Wickham’ and Janet T’s Traction Engine.

You have heard of three men in a boat? This is three men with four boats and some seagulls. Very real!; Dead Heat! Mike L and Geoff B; Geoff B steaming away; The Marham Monster Ralph R and crew; Mike L new Class 37; 

Brandon Festival

Brandon & District Society of Model Engineers were invited to attend this years Brandon Festival. It was a good turn out of members and some really good looking items were put on show. We had leaflets telling the clubs aim and where we operate from; several people took a leaflet, so far no new members; however there was much interest from the public. I am sure this may well turn out a regular occurrence. 

Below are some pictures taken by Clive J, and Geoff B, thank you both.

Picture showing the members and what was on show. Another shot showing the super models, well done every one.
Here is Ken W Sweet pea ready to steam up and run on his rolling road. Does that really run on coal?
Paul B getting ready to steam up his stationary Engine, lots of interest in this model. “God it has been a long day”

Another super picture! This one shows Andy G with his superb engine; not steam, but petrol. Look out Mr Ford!

The Brandon Festival was held on the 21st August 2021, and was very well attended. We look forward to doing the festival again next year. Well done to all the members who took part. Great show!

A drivers view of Ken W sweet pea

Another view of the model table.

Dec 2021 Mardle No 22

The Chairman's Report.

Hello everybody, well we have had the last meeting for 2021 on Wednesday 1st December which was our Christmas get together and there was a good turnout which ended the year nicely. It has again been a difficult year, but there now seem to be light at the end of the tunnel. We have a good selections of venues for 2022 and let’s hope things do not get in the way to upset anything. Keep your fingers crossed. Many thanks goes to all the members who have given up time to get the track back to full operating standards and also the ladies who have provided us with help and the sausage rolls and cakes which I might add have all gone down very well, (Well done everyone).
I would like to wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year and look forward to seeing you all in the New year and lets all enjoy our hobby. Dave M.

The Secretary's Report.

Well, here we are again the end of another year at BDSME, it has been a strange year, lockdown till March, then only 6 members, and very difficult to manage the numbers wanting to work at the track, a nice situation you might say, but members were being asked to stand down, not easy. But then we were all free. A station canopy finished and work just Mondays and Wednesdays meant play days every Saturdays, this is awesome. Boats ,Planes, Drone’s, Electric loco’s , Steam Engines’ and Traction Engines’, I have not in my time at BDSME seen so many TRAINS, that is to say, Locomotives with trucks and guard vans , very realistic. We are also decorating the tea room, we have been offered some second hand kitchen cabinets and work surfaces, no cost to the club, just we have to dismantle it and ferry it to the track.so watch this space in the New year.
Just a reminder, there are still spaces for the New Year Dinner, so let me have your selec-tion and we will see you on the Sunday 9th January 2022. Do not forget the WEB SITE

Decorating the Tea Room

We felt it time to spruce up the tea room, so as we have had the offer of some second hand kitchen cabinets we thought why not. A very small shopping list which was completely donated contained at least three bottle of sugar soap cleaner, a couple of sets of “Marigolds” and well, years of grime was gone in a jiffy. We then moved things around so we could first undercoat the ceiling, then the left hand wall looking from the door, and even after one morning session it was looking great. We also decided to enclose the electrics in a side cupboard, which has a double opening doors so when we are running, one door opens to show the signal equipment but when Dave M wants his Boiler testing kit out, the double doors open to let him in to his spacious new cupboard housing the pump and all Dave’s paperwork.
Not finished yet but all the undercoat has been applied and soon the top coat will be finished, we have even painted the floor with a special floor paint. Enclosed are a few pictures of our progress.