Nov 2022 Mardle No 25

The Chairman's Report.

Hello everyone. We have Prime Minister number three, a new chancellor and Christmas just round the corner. What could be better? What a year it has been.

One good thing, Covid is starting to ease, so we have been able to have shows and go to shows, which is what we as a club are all about. Well will have to see what the new year is going to bring. Let’s hope that things continue to progress and we can operate as a club, like we have done this year.

The new building over the Loco Hoist is well underway and looking good. We hope to see the new generator in the near future. So track wise things are looking good.

Mick W our secretary has informed me that he wishes to stand down at the coming AGM. He will be sorely missed as he has done a sterling job over the past years, so now we need someone to step forward and fill his shoes, don’t be shy.

Don’t forget the next meeting on the 7th December is our Christmas meeting and all members need to bring a raffle prize for the big draw.

I would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I hope you all keep well.

The Secretary's Report.

Another year has come and gone, much better than the last two years, but to me, a bit disappointed in the turn out of some of the running days. Perhaps next year will be different, well, it certainly will be from my point of view, at the next AGM on the 1st March 2023, I will be standing down from my duties as Secretary, Vice Chairman, Raffle organiser and tea boy. I will have done seven years and because of covid, a couple too many, perhaps. I have thoroughly enjoyed the job, even though I would pack my engine in the trailer and then take it home not even having had time to run it. That is not to say that it has been a great time being the Honorary Secretary, but I am now 80, less to do and need more time with my family. I hope there is someone out there who will take on the challenge. Come on, you can do it. 

I would like to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. mw


Is there such a word? Well several of us were at the field when OMG what is that swimming in the pond. Well believe this, a “Hare” had probably fell in and tried to get out. We do have a couple of pieces of wood for animals and frogs mostly, but this Hare could not work it out. So along came Dave M thinking he might have to jump in, but the hare swam close to the side and Dave whipped it out by it’s ear and it lived to fight another day, Well done Dave, you saved its life.
When this was on Dropbox someone phoned Geoff B and asked if this was a new Geoff E model. Rather life like don’t you think.?

Bringing the materials for the heavy lift cover

We have purchased the material for the frame of the building and the roof trusses. All needs cleaning and painting.
The cover over the Heavy lift will be erected to cover an area of approximately 42 square metres and will include a covered area for Traction Engine testing under cover. Financed by a £800 grant received from West Suffolk Council.

1. Posts, just leaving sellers premises 
2. Roof trusses, having arrived at the track
3. Geoff E grinding off the bits we do not need. 
4. We will probably use these angles on the ends.
5. The 8 pipes are laid out to be cleaned.
6. Painted ready to erected round the Heavy lift and engine pit.

There is a lot of setting out to make sure every thing is square. No problem using Norman H 3, 4, 5,
system it will be square to a mm. Some more pictures showing where we are up to, to date.
1. Set out and first hole.
2. First post installed.
3. 3 to go, this day was an awful wet day, but we were up for it.
4. 8 posts and 1. Set out and first hole. 2. First post installed. 3. 3 to go, this day was an awful wet day, but we were up for it. 4. 8 posts and the angles ready to take the roof trusses.
5. Because the trusses are rather awkward we decided to take them apart and assemble them, piece by piece. 6 . Preparing the first two trusses.

Preparing the site for the new generator

As I have said, this is not new but new to us, a much bigger and powerful generator, when we have it running we can advise the power. At present the current generator struggles when you are welding 10mm material, and this came up and was free; just needed to collect it, so it was a no brainer. Several sights have been proposed but the position selected we think will be excellent. We might have to enlarge the area, but we will decide when it arrives.
A few pictures to show where we are.

Halloween Running Day October 29th 2022

Another wobbly day. A lot of work was needed to get the track cleared of leaves and debris before we could even think of a running day. We had tried a few days earlier to clear the track and unfortunately all to no avail. So Saturday morning we started clearing the debris and by 10am most of the leaves had been blown off the track. After tea we had to bag them up and dispose of them. Time was marching on. It was 11 o’clock and we still only had six stalwart members – what should we do? We only had a couple of members say they could not attend, so was that an omen that we would be inundated with engines or no one was coming. We decided to give it to 12 o’clock and a couple more members had arrived. A couple of members took the opportunity to fly their aircraft as the winds were very light.
The rain had passed through and it started to get somewhat warmer so we decided to have lunch. There were no donuts available at Tesco’s, but the regular sausage rolls were still plentiful ”Thanks Bridget”

Tea and coffee was on tap, so lunch passed without a hitch. One o’clock a couple more had arrived so we said “OK” give it to 2 o’clock and that would be the last decision. Well, it was a good idea to stay because the weather seemed to get warmer and the firing up started. There was lots of engines going round and some very happy passengers having a ride on this strange mild day.

Old aged pensioners fish and chips were on the cards, and we put through an order for 20 portions, so the problem of supper was sorted.

Mike L and Steve H was taking it in turns to run Mick W’s sweet pea. Geoff E had his electric loco out; Norman H had his electric, and Ralph R had the ‘Marham Monster’ hauling the two club trucks which were always full of passengers. Geoff B’s magnificent Traction engine run most of the afternoon. There was a new members wife who had her first drive. Will she join next year?
Supper turned up at 4:30pm. It was a nice meal, then a good tidy up after. Thank you ladies for clearing and washing up.

Into driving in the dark, an experience to behold. I think everyone was happy at the turn out and the weather was for once on our side. The following pictures tell the whole story.

Geoff E electric pulling Ralph R’s new truck for his Electric Steam engine – all went well. 
Norman H and his Electric loco, also showing all the activity in the station.
Geoff B preparing his Traction engine.
Mick W steaming his sweet pea.
Mike L driving Mick W sweet pea with Ralph R “ Marham Monster behind.
Geoff B traction engine kit with the row of ladies attending. Quite a turn out. Thanks Ladies!
Four Pictures in the dark, we were blessed with some lovely evening weather, and the flowers are still flowering, Thanks Geoff B.
Mike L still driving sweet pea, Steve H also had a drive on a couple of occasions, and Geoff B’s traction engine. The need is to keep the water up in the boiler, which is difficult to see in the dark. The ladies have added their coats, and it would not be Halloween without a pumpkin.
Finally a great day.

Running Day with Bring & Buy Sale September 24th 2022

Well, what can I say. The bring and buy sale went off very well. Well done Geoff and Diane E who did all the selling. I hope both Mike S and Ray R where reasonable happy with the results. Some things did not sell and where taken home, but around £300 changed hands. Thank you Peter Bull who had some items and they all sold; the money was donated to the club. Thank you very much. Chris H had some nice things but not very many sold, so I am sure Chris H was somewhat disappointed. Mick W had several things for sale but only a micrometer sold, and that money was donated to the club, and all the other things went back home. One comment at the next meeting was, should we not hold this on a play day Saturday and not a running day, and this was the general opinion.The club made £99.00, so thank you every one.The rest of the day was very cold and by lunch time a lot of people had gone home, so the running day did not take place and our picnic lunch was all of us huddled together round the tea urn which was about the warmest place on the field. So a good bring and buy sale, not a very good running day and we where all back home early afternoon. Not a day to be remembered as a running day, but the weather was not on our side.
One picture says it all

Running Day August 20th 2022

Our third running day was a nice warm day and we had some new models, which was very welcome.

IMAGE SET 1 (from left to right)

Pic1: Ralph R on his new electric steam engine, still things to do and a new trolley to build with air brakes. Wow.

Pic2: Andy G with his self built car and engine – a super car, not really a model, almost full size. SUPER!

Pic3: Mike H’s “KING TIGER” 1/16th scale Radio Control Tank, it weights an impressive 22 pounds.

Pic4: Peter B with his stationary engine, not new but works well, another super model.

Pic 5/6: Geoff E steam engine driven by Guin, in the back ground Geoff E electric engine and also Mike L massive Class 37. In the right picture a full train of summer passengers driven by Ralph R “ Marham monster” and Geoff B super cup winning traction engine kit, behind is Little Barford, not in steam this day, but in a brand new paint scheme.

IMAGE SET 2 (from left to right) 

Pic1: Mike L with his class 37, petrol engine and new trolley; a very nice set. 

Pic2: Norman H with his Electric engine, all looking very operational and a credit to their workmanship. Well done guys.

Pic3: This photo shows the ‘newish’ station with lots of activity; in the foreground Geoff B’s traction engine. Ralph R with is “Marham Monster,” Geoff E electric USA style train; Ralph R Electric Steam engine; Norman H Electric engine; Mike L class 37, and Steve H on the club electric engine with Steve HW as guard. 

Pic4: Geoff B’s traction engine and Steve H in the back ground driving the club electric engine. Steve is getting ready to have a go at driving a steam engine.

Pic5: Ken W with his sweet pea.

All in all the day went well with Stuart F birthday cake, with tea and cakes available all day and finally an old age pensioners fish and chip meal, before we had the raffle and closed every thing down, and all left for home. Our third run was another success.