We have a new wing in the club - 666 Squardron "Volaticus Dinosaurus"

A few members, well Geoff E, Ralph R, Steve HW, Mick W and Chris H have all bought model aircraft, and when the wind is zero, we fly them on the big field next door. Dave M and Ken W also fly drones. It feels very satisfying when you can, without thinking, fly an aircraft round in a big circle without crashing it. We have had a couple of accidents; aircraft stuck up in the big Oak tree in the car parking area outside the track, but, we are all getting better. Here are some pictures, no explanation just us having some fun.

To fly these very light aircraft you have to have very calm weather; absolutely no wind and these sort of play days are rather rare. But when the occasion is there, the opportunity is taken. It seems that a happy birthday present or Christmas present is a new plane. Several members have had planes as presents and flying is now a new pastime for many members. See the latest pictures.

Trying to fly under a string. Opps? Better luck next time.