Family Running Day September 7th 2019

Saturdays Family Running Day on September 7th was well attended and there was some interesting boats on the water and equally a nice range of Locomotives, with several Traction Engines. “Little Barford” was running too! Everything went well – the Marque was up in “The shake of a lambs tail”, the BBQ was absolutely “Stonking” with some very tasty burgers; sausages; bacon and onions – thank you all for a wonderful donation to the food. 

This was our 25th Anniversary of the inauguration of the track at Weeting and it went well. Thank you also for the super, super cakes, I had one slice of the chocolate cake and went back for another and there was none left, so that was testament to either every one was staving or it was all very nice. We even had music, and a raffle, thanks to two of our charming ladies who charmed the money from you, all orange tickets and lots of prizes so again thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mike and Janet T  – very nice Traction Engine.

Ralph R “Marham Monster” and train with Geoff B.

Ralph R making some waves.

Norman H “Edward Thomas” in steam with Andy G “Skylark”.

Geoff B with his Brother’s 08. Is there no limit to this man’s talent?

“Perhaps it needs more GARLIC?”

Just look at the spread! The food was great. Thanks Mike S.


Father and Son having a great time stirring up water. What a difference.

The Weeting Rally 2019

The Weeting Rally 2019. Wow! what can one say? We had been talking about it for several months and then bang and it was there, done! Everything was ready for Weeting; the week before was hectic getting the Marquees up for the Models, getting the posts in and the bunting up; would we get it done for Friday, yes of course. The field started to fill up by Thursday with several members arriving and setting up their tents, mobile homes, caravans and by Thursday night the field was full and everything was ready, most of the models in and the alarm system all wired up, ready to wake the dead if someone thought this would be easy to steal.

In the catalogue it shows 122 models, with names and I am sure there was many more, be-cause the forms had to be in by April, and I am sure I heard there was about 70 traction engines. 19 of which were in the 6” scale, half size, wow again.

Friday we were all ready for the children to start early, as normal, but it was somewhat slow this year, there was not the usual numbers, but we were able to keep the queues very short with the engines preforming immaculately, Dave M new Hunslet Loco 4” scale this could pull a few trucks and passengers, Andy G “Sweet William “Skylark” did not faulter this was 7 1/4” scale, and Rob E 7 1/4” O&K Feldbahn “EIGIAU” engine, also we had Nor-man A, Battery “Warship” went round effortless, well done to them all for keeping the pas-sengers happy and this showed in their thanks’ and kind words.

Saturday very much the same but very much busier, the queues longer but the trains had many more passengers and this day was a good day even though the weather forecaster’s rather ban jacked the day with their, it is likely to Rain when it didn’t. We had the normal tea party at 5o’clock and the ladies and gents all did a very fine job, and it again bought everyone together for a good old chinwag. Well done Ladies and Gents.

Sunday, was I think probably a record in the number of rides given, this was deemed by the forecasters the best day so more people arrived and more rides given. Another engine running I think on Sunday was Sam H 7 1/4”scale narrow gauge “Jessie” model. Well done.

Our food for the weekend was provided by “Starling Enterprises” the chef ran a couple of BBQs and food was available for the workers on the station and many drivers had to learn to multi task.

So, a very big thank you to all the people, both ladies and gents who did all the work in making The Weeting Rally, the 51st Rally to be remembered . Thank you ALL very much.

Thank you also to the members who helped take the ring down, and put every thing away ready for the next time, The weather was kind, the passenger’s great, the food super. The tea and coffee always on tap, the members memorable, the engines faultless, so follow that.

Some pictures from the rally showing the diversity of our modellers.

Ralph R, Norman A, Chris H on the pond running various items.

Goeff B running his traction engine in the ring.

Dave M “Hunslett”. Certainly lots of pulling power.

Dave M “Hunslett” and Andy G “Skylark” being attended to without laying on one’s back.
These are both new additions for this year.

Two of Geoff B pics taken on the pond; this is what it is all about
– boating, photography and having a great time.

“Starling Enterprises” Our Field Kitchen and the “Chef”. Well done Mike S. Great food!

The Hockwold Country Fair – June 2019

Well, what a weekend! Saturday setting up and Sunday from a very early start, the stalwarts provided a very varied show of all sorts of models. We had a helicopter; a working Mississippi paddle steamer; a trawler with very convincing sound; several stationary engines; a loco in the making; two sweet peas of very different design; a 7 1/4” gauge electric loco and driving truck; an old in the tooth 08 electric; three working traction engines; A scale land rover and horse box with pony and hay; a steam lorry and a Scale Model T Ford Van. All in all a very, very nice cross section of our modelling prowess. Well done and thank you to everyone who spent a very hot day showing what can be done in “Our sheds”. Great turn out.

First Family Running Day – May 18th 2019

Saturday May 18th was our first Family running day. A very good attendance and again a very nice array of cakes. Thank you ladies, very well done again. The weather was not ‘May’ weather but this is England and we just get on with it. Thanks to Stuart F for his 7 1/4” electric loco; Ken W for his sweet pea; Rob W for his equally sweet, sweet pea and Geoff E for his American electric loco – also Geoff B with his award winning Traction Engine and kit – very, very nice; Chris H with his Fut Fut, and his flying items all very nice; Ralph R had his “ Marham Monster” out, big loco; Paul B his Simplex; Hugh S his very nice “Lion”. Well done to you all. Pete from Peterborough and his friend did a You Tube Video, they are very welcome. There were other locos and traction engines all wanting various tests, so it was a very interesting day.

Below are some pictures, I hope you like them.


Geoff B Traction Engine Kit.

Rob W “Sweet Pea”.

Norman H “Edward Thomas”.

Array of Electric Locos.

Paul B “Simplex”.

Ralph R “Marham Monster”.

Chris H “Engines”.

Array of Locos on the track.

Where would we be without these lovely ladies – really good turnout.

Taking for a ride?

Apprentice Day – April 2019

Saturday 13th April 2019 was the Apprentice Day, A Weeting Farm occasion ran for the young people who want to learn how to drive and fire and look after a full size Traction engine. A coldish day but well attended. We also had some engines running and Len Cooks  Simplex  was at the track to have the once over before it has it statuary tests, unfortunately there was still a leak in the tanks and had to packed away and back to the workshop.

The ladies did not let us down again, cakes a plenty, the lemon drizzle to die for. Thank you very much, and well done.

pictures by John M, thanks


‘The Vision’ – 3rd Anniversary February 2019

We had our third anniversary running day at the track on Saturday 16th February, during the week the weather was really good, one working day we had to start taking clothes off as it was getting to hot, but alas, Saturday turned out to be a pretty cold day. Never the less we had a wonderful turn out, I did not take a head count but there must have been nearly thirty members, absolutely great for such a cold day. We had a traction engine, steam engines, boats and planes. We even had a couple of stationary engines, last but not least, the ‘Marham Monster’. This really did make one of our junior members, Sam H, a very happy boy. We still found some time to do some work, but we had tea and then some fun until it was lunch time. Our ladies sure can make a pretty grand lunch from some super sausage rolls and cheese straws, we had cheese and ham rolls and well ‘cake’ Not just any old cake but a 74th Birthday cake for one of our workforce, Victoria sponge, Lemon Sponge, what a spread. Thank you all, for making it all so welcoming. John C was kept busy with tea and coffee all day, Thanks to you all. The picture of the ladies below, showed that the new shed will be an attribute . As we were packing up who should turn up but two full size traction engines. Mr Parrott had heard we was having cake, but unfortunately he and his friends were too late, so they steamed off. This is what doing the track is all about, making days memorable.