Halloween Run October 2021

Halloween Run, Saturday 30th October 2021, held at the track. The weather was deemed to be a disaster but after a little light drizzle early, by 11am it was sunshine, but still a cold wind; so all was well with the world and the day turned out very well. Thanks to everyone who attended. It was a day to remember, and we will add to our running days next year. Traction Engines; Locomotives; Trains; Boats & planes, and rather large traction engines.

Little & Large; Is it a flying saucer perhaps, although it could be Chris H’s Model; Busy, Busy; The Marham Monster with a decent load;

Ken W and Scary, Scary!

The Wicked Warlock!

Guin E with Grandma and Barry; Stuart F and his Halloween delight; Ralph R. Lovely Boat!; Supper time and lovely Fish & Chips; A selection of the superb cakes; Supper time!; Halloween!

Mike L with Norman’s loco and another full load.

Family Running Day September 2021

As I hope you are all aware, Saturdays is deemed a play day and to this end, we are hoping that members will come up and play. Two years is a long time and I know that getting back into looking after a steam engine, is you never forget, but remembering the small secrets is very hard, and keeping the water at the correct level and the steam pressure just right for hauling is a very fine line, so the more you practise the easier it becomes. We have had two Running days 25th July and 24th September and they were very well attended, but the playday Saturdays is generally only the workers who also play on Saturdays; so come on members we are there on Saturdays to play, so come and play. Our scheduled running day on Saturday 30th October 2021 ‘Our Halloween Night’ Run, was well attended and was a great success running in the dark. We had tea and coffee all day, and a fish and chip supper at 5pm, then some Halloween cakes and we were ready to run in the dark. Awesome! A couple of pictures from each Saturday.

Dave M drone plus bird; Geoff E and Stuart F; Ken W on club loco; Mick W and Ken W; Steve H W on Ken W loco; Geoff B on Geoff E loco.

Gary H ‘Wickham’ and Janet T’s Traction Engine.

You have heard of three men in a boat? This is three men with four boats and some seagulls. Very real!; Dead Heat! Mike L and Geoff B; Geoff B steaming away; The Marham Monster Ralph R and crew; Mike L new Class 37; 

Brandon Festival

Brandon & District Society of Model Engineers were invited to attend this years Brandon Festival. It was a good turn out of members and some really good looking items were put on show. We had leaflets telling the clubs aim and where we operate from; several people took a leaflet, so far no new members; however there was much interest from the public. I am sure this may well turn out a regular occurrence. 

Below are some pictures taken by Clive J, and Geoff B, thank you both.

Picture showing the members and what was on show. Another shot showing the super models, well done every one.
Here is Ken W Sweet pea ready to steam up and run on his rolling road. Does that really run on coal?
Paul B getting ready to steam up his stationary Engine, lots of interest in this model. “God it has been a long day”

Another super picture! This one shows Andy G with his superb engine; not steam, but petrol. Look out Mr Ford!

The Brandon Festival was held on the 21st August 2021, and was very well attended. We look forward to doing the festival again next year. Well done to all the members who took part. Great show!

A drivers view of Ken W sweet pea

Another view of the model table.

Family Running Day 24th July 2021

Our First Open Running Day Following Covid-19.

So, the weather threatened to rain, but in the end it was cooler than of late and turned out very comfortable.
We had close on fifty members attend this first open day for must be two years. To see old faces one had not seen for some time was very pleasant; one or two who said they would come were absent, but then we had one or two people come who we did not expect – all in all a very good turn out.

On Friday 23rd we erected the “Hockwold” Marquee and had four tables erected. We had tea and coffee available all day. ‘help your self’ or should that be self service? We had a table for the raffle and this was very well stocked. Thank you for all the items which were donated. We also had a table which turned out with six cakes on for the Lemon Drizzle challenge and all looked very tasty.

OK, the day started with 2 steamers, not many boiler certificates yet, Dave M and Ken W, and several electric engines, we have had three members Norman H, Ralph R, Geoff E who have all made several trucks, so not only are we running engines , but trains, a sight to be hold, really really first class, a credit to you all. We also had Geoff B brother and his grandson running a very smart Electric 08, very nice. Three traction engines. Janet and Mike T, Chris H and Geoff B all had a go at crossing the crossing, another good turn out.

Andy G, bought along his two self built engines, what a lot of talented people we have in our club.
We have seen a strange thing swimming on the boating lake, a crocodile, perhaps this is due to Geoff E, Brian M had a couple of boats, very nice, Brian said he had brought one back to magnificents after it was destined for the skip, very well done.

So the weather was kind to us even after we had brought the cutting of the ribbon forward an hour, we had a very good BBQ. Thank you Stuart, Gill F and Pauline, We were able to do burgers in a bun with cheese and fried onions; Sausage in a roll with fried onions. We had comments that the burgers were the best some people had tasted, so the BBQ went well, except it was very hard work standing cooking and serving for what seemed all day, but probably two hours. We had the cutting of the ribbon, Mr Parrott kindly did the honours and we had a toast to the “Brandon Modellers.” Dave M moved his super engine into the station and he drove Mr Parrott and his lady friend round our track and when he alighted he said “that is the first time I have ever been driving round the track on a steam engine”.

We then did the Lemon Drizzle challenge and Gill F, Pauline, Gills friend and Mick W, officiated, what a job in the end it was difficult so the six entries were deemed as good as one another and every one won a prize. Thank you, Sandra B, Michelle M, Brigette R, Clive J niece, Jean W. all very tasty , and not a lot left at the end. Then, next was the raffle, every prize donated , thank you every one, but it went on and on and finally, Stuart F stayed the distance and every prize was won.

After such a long time not being able to hold a running day, this day was certainly special, nearly fifty people all sitting at tables in the open chatting and laughing, makes all the hard work worth ever minute of organisation, may we have a few more this year and become a model engineering club worth your subscription ten times over.

Stuart & Gill F with Steve H W driving.

Norman H with Mike L on his train

Will you cut the ribbon please Sir?

Yes! If the scissors will cut the ribbon.

Rounding the inside track. Mr Parrott’s inaugural ride.

Drawing into the new Fengate Halt Station.

Crossing the new crossing. Very smooth!

Thank you Brigitte!

The Raffle Table.
Very well stocked. Thank you everyone. Good Show!

BBQ getting prepared for a busy BBQ. Very, very nice. Well done!

How many tickets. £1 per strip. Do you take note?

No need really for a ‘Caption’. A very happy looking picture.

More photos from the day.