Saturday May 18th was our first Family running day. A very good attendance and again a very nice array of cakes. Thank you ladies, very well done again. The weather was not ‘May’ weather but this is England and we just get on with it. Thanks to Stuart F for his 7 1/4” electric loco; Ken W for his sweet pea; Rob W for his equally sweet, sweet pea and Geoff E for his American electric loco – also Geoff B with his award winning Traction Engine and kit – very, very nice; Chris H with his Fut Fut, and his flying items all very nice; Ralph R had his “ Marham Monster” out, big loco; Paul B his Simplex; Hugh S his very nice “Lion”. Well done to you all. Pete from Peterborough and his friend did a You Tube Video, they are very welcome. There were other locos and traction engines all wanting various tests, so it was a very interesting day.

Below are some pictures, I hope you like them.


Geoff B Traction Engine Kit.

Rob W “Sweet Pea”.

Norman H “Edward Thomas”.

Array of Electric Locos.

Paul B “Simplex”.

Ralph R “Marham Monster”.

Chris H “Engines”.

Array of Locos on the track.

Where would we be without these lovely ladies – really good turnout.

Taking for a ride?