London MEX at Alexandra Palace

The following pictures were taken by Kev B ay the Latest London ME show.

1) Three views of a 3 ½” gauge US Challenger, an enormous engine in full-size so it makes an enormous model this gauge.
 i) The valves on the steam fountain are worked by radio control servos; clever!
 ii) A very long tender with many many wheels!
iii) Side view of the loco; note the length and shallowness of the fire box.
2) 5” gauge standard gauge Beyer-Garratt similar to the full-size version “William Francis” that is in Bressingham museum.
3) A beautiful 2” scale Fowler Z7S ploughing engine as seen on the excellent Chelmsford club stand. These were the largest of the Fowler ploughers made by this famous firm form Leeds. The “S” stands for superheated. Superheating was very rarely used on overtype road steam vehicles. The model was displayed with some of the patterns made for the cylinder block.
Written by Kev B – Feb 2017