Your Chairman's Report

Hello everyone to the February 2018 Newsletter. Well it does not seem that long ago since Christmas, but here we are, and we have had our second meeting of the New Year 2018, so time does fly.

Well, looking forward, we have two anniversaries to celebrate this year, The 50th for The WEETING Rally, and also our own 40th in September, plus the little shows in between, so it looks like being a busy year.

One thing, I must congratulate  the members working on the track, they are out there in all weathers and to have members of a club like this must be the envy of clubs around us. “WELL DONE LADS”. The sun will soon be shining and you will get a tan, and the heat will be too much.

Well as I have said before, there are several new loco’s heading our way, and also some new traction engines and hopefully, my own loco will be up and running.

Ken W in Halloween spirit

We need ideas for both Weeting and our own anniversary, so please put you thinking caps on and let’s make these dates  something to remember. So bye for now. Dave, your Chairman.

Your Secretary's Report

Well a happy New year to you all. Christmas came and went, and another year beckons.  This year is our RUBY Anniversary so I would like to say that if we start organising now we will come up with a wonderful anniversary.

We are getting on with the track, and when you come to see it I hope you will approve, because it is looking good, well great.

Just a small reminder, there are still a couple  of members who have not paid their subscriptions, so please let Mike S have the necessary.

We have gained a new member, Jason C and a new Junior member Sam H, welcome to our Club.

We have also this last week had another new member Brian R and another Junior Peter M, so welcome to you also.

We have also lost a member Allen W who has moved away from the area. Sorry to see you go.

The calendar is getting filled in so if you have any dates you want to see in the calendar then please let me know.


"Let's together make it a weekend to remember, and have a whale of a time, come on lets do it"

Our Club Lunch

The 14th January was our club lunch, a three course meal at the Olde Windmill Inn at Cressingham, 24 members with wives /partners, attended and it was a meal to remember, I do not think any one could have gone home thinking, I could have done with more of that. A very pleasant meal with very pleasant company. I look forward to next year, but I might have to change my choice of soup next  year.

Track Report

It seems impossible for these two pictures to be taken on the same day. We all arrived in what was a flurry of snow, and said what do you think and but tea time the sun had come out ,a bit hazy but things started to thaw out, and by going home time this was the picture from the other end.

Things have come on a pace , we are now working Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Saturday we are some times working but could also be testing our workshop work. But in a couple of weeks we will have finished the track from the tunnel too the straight in front of the big Finnish loco.

"Here we are unloading some more blocks to finish this end of the cutting".

We have laid nearly 700 blocks so far, we have arranged then both side of the cutting on the inside  and outside track from  the  loco shed Tunnel end round to the level earth at the end of the long straight.

The track here was laid on original  concrete blocks and these have been left in situ, with breeze block laid between these blocks, broken pieces have finished the track , where we have re-laid the ballast up to the under side of the track, you can see this from the picture.

It has been pretty cold recently, but we have had a regular work crew and things have gone very well.

There has been some trolley testing and we have replaced two pieces of track on the outside circuit, just on the bend after the crossover. We were derailing here and when we cut the pieces out ,you could see why this was happening. All is well so if one wants to brave the weather Saturdays  can be a running day.

We are still there Tuesdays and Saturdays and have restarted Thursdays so watch this space

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