Bressingham Models Weekend

I have visited Bressingham Model Engines Weekend many times over the years always as a punter, this year we decided to go as exhibitors and take “Scallywag” the date was the 8-9thAugust sadly the 8th was the allotted day for the APRRR* so we could only go on the Sunday. The weather gods were extremely kind to us and to say the day was bright and sunny was a huge understatement, it was one of those unusual days when you could see for miles and miles with little or no haze to blur distant objects, the sun shone brightly without a cloud in the sky all day.

All of the campers, caravans and day exhibitors were located in a separate field and some difficulty was encountered finding our way in! Eventually we asked directions from a couple of lads who were firing one of the narrow gauge locos, they instructed us to drive through the museum grounds past the bottom entrance and then into the field, this was done while expecting someone to start yelling at us that “You can’t bring that through here etc.” I have never been that confident or for that matter happy towing the engine and the thought of turning it round in a small area fills me with dread, you might imagine how much I enjoy towing our caravan?

Once parked, Norman (the organiser) came over requesting I produce the necessary insurance/boiler paperwork once we had lit the fire and had a minute or two spare, the fire was unenthusiastic, as there was little wind and although I have had all the bits to make an electric blower for about four years I still haven’t got around to putting it together, might be a good little winter project, it’s on the “List” as they say…….

Once in steam, you are pretty much left to roam as you wish, the only requirement is that you are present for the “Grand Parade” at two o’clock, this we made every effort to comply with and unlike other rallies where it’s a free for all into the ring, Norman asks you enter in numeric order, I completely failed this intelligence test and blindly steamed in between numbers four and five, our number was 26…….. You can’t account for stupidity! A small trophy is presented to the engine the organisers like the best, and this year it went to a gentleman who had visited Bressingham four years ago, looked the model engines and said to himself “I want one of those!” set to, machined it all up, this year his son drove it triumphantly around the ring! I believe he is now working on his second engine, can’t be bad! Other events over the weekend include, a road run on Friday night (too the local of course), a fish and chip supper on Saturday and if the weather permits RC models are flown in the evenings, at this year’s rally there was an excellent aerobatic display from a Pitts Special, this being an extra attraction, as it was cancelled from an event earlier in the year. A selection of photographs can be seen below.

It had to be said we thoroughly enjoyed the day and next year we may bring the caravan and make a long weekend of it, especially if the weather is as good as this year.

Steamfly – Aug 2015

*I hope you are paying attention and have read the report on the first Annual Post Rally Road Run (APRRR)