As I hope you are all aware, Saturdays is deemed a play day and to this end, we are hoping that members will come up and play. Two years is a long time and I know that getting back into looking after a steam engine, is you never forget, but remembering the small secrets is very hard, and keeping the water at the correct level and the steam pressure just right for hauling is a very fine line, so the more you practise the easier it becomes. We have had two Running days 25th July and 24th September and they were very well attended, but the playday Saturdays is generally only the workers who also play on Saturdays; so come on members we are there on Saturdays to play, so come and play. Our scheduled running day on Saturday 30th October 2021 ‘Our Halloween Night’ Run, was well attended and was a great success running in the dark. We had tea and coffee all day, and a fish and chip supper at 5pm, then some Halloween cakes and we were ready to run in the dark. Awesome! A couple of pictures from each Saturday.

Dave M drone plus bird; Geoff E and Stuart F; Ken W on club loco; Mick W and Ken W; Steve H W on Ken W loco; Geoff B on Geoff E loco.

Gary H ‘Wickham’ and Janet T’s Traction Engine.

You have heard of three men in a boat? This is three men with four boats and some seagulls. Very real!; Dead Heat! Mike L and Geoff B; Geoff B steaming away; The Marham Monster Ralph R and crew; Mike L new Class 37;