Halloween Run, Saturday 30th October 2021, held at the track. The weather was deemed to be a disaster but after a little light drizzle early, by 11am it was sunshine, but still a cold wind; so all was well with the world and the day turned out very well. Thanks to everyone who attended. It was a day to remember, and we will add to our running days next year. Traction Engines; Locomotives; Trains; Boats & planes, and rather large traction engines.

Little & Large; Is it a flying saucer perhaps, although it could be Chris H’s Model; Busy, Busy; The Marham Monster with a decent load;

Ken W and Scary, Scary!

The Wicked Warlock!

Guin E with Grandma and Barry; Stuart F and his Halloween delight; Ralph R. Lovely Boat!; Supper time and lovely Fish & Chips; A selection of the superb cakes; Supper time!; Halloween!

Mike L with Norman’s loco and another full load.