May 21st turned out to be a coolish day to start and as the wind dropped the sun came out and we where able to sit in the full sun, which was very nice.

The models activity was very good with a very nice selection. Two steam engines; several Electric Locos; Petrol engine locos; sailing yacht; fast MTB; a drone; a stationery steam engine and the piece de le resistance Andy G4 stroke engine, had turned into a (is it a racing car) well a super duper car, not finished but runs beautifully. So we had activity on the track all day with rides and lots of friends and family members. Engine’s were running at all times and the stop siren did not sound very often so every one was concentrating and running as a railway should. The obvious omission was for perhaps the first time ever there was no Traction engines; still there is probably only possibly three with a current boiler test.

We even had a visit from The Brandon Town council. Three councillor’s came to see us and I think they went home, very impressed at what BDSME does and stands for; I do not think they even comprehended that here was a group of engineers with such a great place to come and play, and what this group stands for.

So we had tea and coffee on tap all day, the lovely sausage rolls, Thanks Bridget, and do-nuts for 10 o’clock, Super super cake , thanks Bridget and Gill, hot Cornish pasties and more cake almost all day.

After this, as the day went on, and sitting in a rather large circle, we had a senior citizen’s fish and chip from the famous “Georges” fish and chip shop which rounded up the food side of the day.
We had the raffle with lots of prizes; thanks Mike S, and other members who donated prizes. A very respectable return for our 2nd running day of the Brandon and District Society of Model engineers season.