We had our third anniversary running day at the track on Saturday 16th February, during the week the weather was really good, one working day we had to start taking clothes off as it was getting to hot, but alas, Saturday turned out to be a pretty cold day. Never the less we had a wonderful turn out, I did not take a head count but there must have been nearly thirty members, absolutely great for such a cold day. We had a traction engine, steam engines, boats and planes. We even had a couple of stationary engines, last but not least, the ‘Marham Monster’. This really did make one of our junior members, Sam H, a very happy boy. We still found some time to do some work, but we had tea and then some fun until it was lunch time. Our ladies sure can make a pretty grand lunch from some super sausage rolls and cheese straws, we had cheese and ham rolls and well ‘cake’ Not just any old cake but a 74th Birthday cake for one of our workforce, Victoria sponge, Lemon Sponge, what a spread. Thank you all, for making it all so welcoming. John C was kept busy with tea and coffee all day, Thanks to you all. The picture of the ladies below, showed that the new shed will be an attribute . As we were packing up who should turn up but two full size traction engines. Mr Parrott had heard we was having cake, but unfortunately he and his friends were too late, so they steamed off. This is what doing the track is all about, making days memorable.